hist-brewing: Re: hist-brewing-digest V1 #759

Dan McFeeley mcfeeley at keynet.net
Thu Jan 18 11:29:14 PST 2001

>Chuck averts : 
>>I have found, and verified with several other mead makers... that
>>tupelo honey (a medium-dark honey) naturally ferments slow.

And John Purdy seconds: 

>I can second that as well.  I've done three with tupelo and they've
>each been nail-bitingly slow.

High levels of fructose are known to slow wine fermentation, and
this is probably what is happening when Tupelo honey is used in
meadmaking.  Tupelo honey is one of the sweetest of honeys due
to large amounts of fructose as compared with other honeys.

Dan McFeeley
mcfeeley at keynet.net

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