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Yes, this book claims a shockingly long aging time for Heather Meads. Has
any body done a Heather Mead who can verify this?

Acton, B. and Duncan, P.  _Making Mead - a complete guide to the making of
sweet and dry Mead, Melomel_. Metheglin, Hippicras, Pyment and Cyser.
Published by G.W. Kent Inc., Ann Arbor, MI. ©1984 by Argus Books Ltd. 1984.
ISBN 0-900841-07-9


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--- Kirsty Pollock <kirsty.pollock at mpuk.com> wrote:
> Heather honey is apparently (according to my friend
> who works in a small
> winery which makes a lot of mead and are always
> doing research for new
> products) another one that takes a very long time to
> finish - but a very
> good mead when it is!
> I must try it sometime.

I read in (this is from distant memory, so
author/title info may be off/misspelled) Acton/Duncans
"Making Mead" that heather mead takes upwards of 20
years to age properly. Has anyone else heard this?
Twenty years seems like an inordinate amount of time
to me.

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