hist-brewing: spontaneous ferment mead

Spencer W. Thomas spencer at umich.edu
Wed Jan 17 08:02:06 PST 2001

Matt Maples wrote:

> As for meads that ferment in 3 weeks and is drinkable, well my only guess is
> that you are not pushing the mead envelope very much. High grav meads 16+
> take longer than that, certain flavors take longer to develop (like sherry
> type notes). Mead is a patient art, not mater how you slice it most meads do
> better with proper aging. I don't like my mead to be drinkable too early
> because I might just drink them before they reach there peak.

Sherry type notes come from oxidation.  Oxidation takes time, unless you really
mistreat your must (in which case you'll probably get undesirable oxidation

Mead is like wine.  Some wines *require* aging. Some wines improve with some
aging, but are also good "now." And some wines are only drinkable when they're
young, and just go downhill as they age.

A blanket statement that "most meads do better with aging" is always going to
raise my hackles, because generalizations are always false. :-) :-)

=Spencer in Ann Arbor, MI

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