hist-brewing: Re: blue mead

Shroom shroom at theriver.com
Mon Jan 15 06:20:10 PST 2001

Henry Davis wrote:

> >
> >Why it has to be mead is a preference of the poster, the blue part is my
> >friend.
> >I asked her why it had to be blue, it isn't for SCA. She wants Romulan ale,
> >but I have no clue how to make ale. I am at least a little familiar with the
> >process to make mead. So I'd rather make mead.
> Well, since they want Romulan Ale, why not break down and use blue food
> coloring? Romulan Ale isn't exactly a historical period brew, so why worry
> about how it gets the color?
> Henry

I used a standard store-bought blue food coloring on a mead base to make Romulan
Ale, or at least tried to.  The results ended up a mix of the blue and gold
colors, or what I ended up calling "nuclear piss" color - a rather nasty looking
greenish. Adding more blue made it an OK but murky brownish blue.  I can't come
up with a better answer for color, but you might try something other than a
standard blue (specialty restaurant supply stores probably have a range of blue
liquid colors to choose from), or use as clear a mead as you can make.

Fred Bourdelier
Tucson AZ

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