hist-brewing: gruit sources

Renee Peterson polrena at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 14 02:39:50 PST 2001

The source I got my gruit information from is fairly extensive, but it is 
only one author's opinion.  It was:  "Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers: The 
Secrtes of Ancient Fermentaion," by Stephen Harrod Buhner, published by 
Siris Books, an Imprint of Brewers Publications in 1998.  The information on 
gruits and the component ingredients is, frankly, much more than I'd like to 

For the record, I also agree with Henry Davis's opinion that out-of-season 
herbs were dried, especially in light of the fact that the Church's 
Gruit-Houses probably sold their gruit to brewers as dried ingredients.  I 
do not know whether they were dried when being measured, however, which I 
believe was the reason for the original question.

And, please remember that gruits and ales are quite out of my relative area 
of expertise...if, in fact, I can be called to have any area expertise at 
all.  (grin)  All of you on this list never cease to amaze me with the depth 
of your knowledge and undersatnding of historical brewing.  I'm delighted to 
be able to use you as a resource for my own brewing adventures.

Katla in Mikla

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