hist-brewing: Blue mead

Sean Sweeney glutenfreebeer at home.com
Thu Jan 11 21:31:05 PST 2001

I never like to bring up options that are ultimately impossible to
implement, but a bit of searching came up with this natural blue food
coloring made from spirulina (blue-green algae) of all things.  It is called
Linablue and it is manufactured in Japan.  Here is the link to the specific
page on the manufacturer's website:


It is possible that this could be purchased by a helpful contact in Japan
and shipped to the meadmaker that wanted it.  There is also the distinct
chance that with a kind email to the manufacturer a small free sample could
be procured.  You'd be surprised what you can get sometimes just for asking.

Certainly not a historical solution to this dilemma, but would definitely
add an interesting storyline to a Romulan Ale.

Sean Sweeney
Gluten Free Brewing Project
and the
Amateur Hop Growers Journal

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