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Colors of food and beverages do follow fashions through history. There are
many beverages in Fettiplace's and Hess's books seemingly treasured for
their color, rather than flavor.

Why it has to be blue and why it has to be mead I think is the personal
preference of the friend of the poster.

Recently there was an SCA publication that discussed various food-coloration
techniques. You might be able to get a copy by writing to the Compleat
Anachronist Reprints Editor: Mistress Elisabeth MacAlester of Kintyre,
(Heather Bryden) email: bryden at hers.com .

Crystal A. Isaac
"It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education." - Albert

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  Interesting thread!  It's sounding like you might want to go back to your
  friend and ask the motivation behind their request.  If "it's their
  color" ... have them choose their second favorite.  If it's to fit some
  historical theme, the two of you might be able to rethink it and come up
  a better (read, "doable") solution.  I confess curiosity as to what the
  motivation/connection is between blue and mead or history.

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