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Thu Jan 11 09:48:33 PST 2001

In a message dated 1/10/01 11:13:36 PM Central Standard Time, 
fyrebyrd at scadian.net writes:
>  When I saw the term "alkanet," I thought I remembered a warning about it 
>  Cindy Renfrow's "Take A Thousand Eggs." It is a plant; however, according 
>  to the glossary (p. 228) in Vol. 1:
>  "Alkanet - Alkanna tinctoria, a member of the borage family, yields a 
>  red dye which is used in medicines, chemistry, and the leather industry."
>  This doesn't sound like it would produce a blue mead or be safe to 
    What I want to know is: What are they using it for in medicines?
Aren't Red Dye #2 and Red Dye #40 toxic enough?  8-(

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