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Henry Davis henry at henry-davis.com
Thu Dec 14 14:11:55 PST 2000

At 08:57 AM 12/13/00 -0500, Deborah Wood wrote: 
> I'm not sure you would find a large market for historical brewing
> ingredients. 

Unlike much of the brewing arts, this is an area that appears to be growing
the time being. A market doesn't have to be very big for some folks to find it
a good business to be in.

> Personaly, as bolth a modern and historical brewer I like to contol as much
> as possible my sources for herbs and other ingredents,  I believe in  fresh
> and if possible organic producs..

As do I.

>  I own a 90 acres of very wild land, 

You are very fortunate. Many others aren't so lucky. Apartment dwellers and
suburban residents often have deed restrictions that stop general growing of
herbs etc.

While I have enough acerage to grow gruit herbs etc, I'll probably continue to
purchase most ingredients from reliable sources. If Shawn does go into
business,  I may purchase through the (new) operation.



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