hist-brewing: modern brewing question

Henry Davis henry at henry-davis.com
Mon Dec 11 13:47:52 PST 2000

At 04:16 PM 12/11/00 -0500, Elizabeth England-Kennedy wrote:
>Altitude is not a problem; heat may be. If you're leaving soon, it won't
>be, but those traveling in the summer may want to take extra precautions.
>Personally, I find that styrofoam makes an excellent insulator. (I lived
>in AZ for 10 years & have been brewing for about double that time.)

Good point. If the kegs are in the car they should be fine regardless of
outside temps (assuming you have heat/AC).

I find that  some of my brews are sensitive to being shaken (they take a
long time to clear after being shaken). Assuming that the poster is going
to drink in Az over say a week period of time, heat should not affect the
quality overly much. If the kegs are force carbonated there should be no
problem. If primed, the yeast may contribute of flavors when heated too
high. Fortunately, February is a pretty cool month.


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