hist-brewing: modern brewing question

Henry Davis henry at henry-davis.com
Mon Dec 11 13:41:57 PST 2000

At 04:24 PM 12/11/00 -0500, Kel Rekuta wrote:

>> You might vent the kegs when you get there and then repressurize with CO2
>> to minimize foaming due to the higher altitude.
>> Henry
>Why bother venting them? Cornies are designed for dispensing soda syrup at
>upwards of 100 PSI. The maximum rating on several of mine is 130 PSI.

I don't know about your brews, but mine would foam like crazy at 100PSI ;>

The reason why I vent when I move a brew to higher altitude is to allow the
beer to come back to an equilibrium at the desired carbonation level. Might
not be a problem for many beers or any beers. It's just what I do. 


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