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NeophyteSG at aol.com NeophyteSG at aol.com
Sun Dec 10 18:58:27 PST 2000

In the few wonderful months that I've been a member of the list -- my 
gratitude to all of you -- I've noticed a reoccurring theme:  Where do I find 
[fill in the esoteric brewing ingredient (e.g., bog bean)]?  I'm going to be 
moving onto a 4.77 acre property in about nine months.  My question is this:

How much use do you think brewers would have for a web-based business which 
offers organically grown historical brewing ingredients?  Things like malted 
and traditionally roasted grains, gruits, etc.  My thought is that since I'm 
going to be growing the gruits for myself anyway, it wouldn' t be that much 
cost or effort to build a larger greenhouse.  Likewise, a larger kiln since 
malting and roasting are also on the agenda.

While I have my own list(s) of odd ingredients, I'd also appreciate hearing 
your particular wish lists.

Warm Regards,
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