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krekuta at attcanada.ca writes:
>  I like malted oats as a small percentage, less than 25% of the grist bill. 
> It has an excellent nutty flavour. I imagine using too much would be 
> overpowering.
>  I can't recall the diastatic power of the Fawcett's oat malt I use, but
>  conversion is excellent. No compensation is required in the grist.
    I too use Fawcett's oat malt, and love it.  It produces a smooth 
and mellow brew that my friends enjoy.  For a recent 5-gal batch, I used:
    9 lb    Pale 2-row
    3 lb        Malted Oats 
    1 lb        flaked oats
    1/2 lb  chocolate malt
    1/2 lb  roast barley    
    1/2 lb  black patent
    Wyeast Irish Ale yeast
    Nothing but compliments.  One of my guzzling friends said it was the 
best beer he ever tasted.

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