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Tue Dec 5 16:25:06 PST 2000

Nate writes:
>Similarly, the amount of fermentables that can be obtained from crytal =
>malt will vary based on color, but more importantly based on how it is =
>used.  If crystal is steeped after the mash, you will get no fermentables, =
>however, if you mash crystal, the dextrins can be broken down and =
>converted to fermentables.  The amount of dextrins from the crystal that =
>are converted to fermentables in the mash will vary based on the mash =
>temp, if you mash at a high temp, you will obtain few fermentables.

In my experience, even if you just steep the crystal malt, you will get
not only unfermentables, but also some fermentables.  Think about how
it is made: moist malt is heated in a humid environment until it "mashes
in the husk."  Any kind of mashing will produce a blend of many types
of carbohydrates of various lengths.  Some will be fermentable, others
won't.  I don't have any figures, but my gut feeling is that if you just
steep it, you'll get roughly 1/3 fermentables and 2/3 unfermentables.
As Nate says, if you mash it with some malt that has enzymes, you can
reduce the unfermentables somewhat.  I do believe that there are some
"limit dextrins" in there, which will stay unfermentable unless you
introduce some enzymes that aren't naturally in malt (that's how they
make Miller Lite which finishes with an FG of 0.098).


Al Korzonas, Lockport, Illinois, USA
korz at brewinfo.org

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