hist-brewing: Crystal malt yield

BrewInfo brewinfo at xnet.com
Fri Dec 1 17:13:50 PST 2000

Oh, and someone (sorry) wrote that crystal malt adds little in
terms of gravity...

Not so.  I typically get around 30 points per pound per gallon
from Pale Ale malt and 20 to 25 from crystal malt.  I do agree,
however, that anything more than 20% crystal malt is unpleasant
to my palate (unless, of course, if you maybe hop it to 100 IBUs)
and I keep it to less than 10% in all but a few styles (I've read
where modern Mild Ale from some UK brewers can have upwards of 30%,
but I make my milds dryer than that.  Sarah Hughes does taste like
it has a *lot* of crystal in it, for example.).

X-mas party awaits!


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