hist-brewing: Gruit help desperately needed

adam larsen euphonic at flash.net
Thu Nov 30 21:59:45 PST 2000

Nice to hear from you Crystal!

for Marsh Rosemary, Yarrow and Bog Myrtle email Nancy
Kaytis-Slocum: wldweeds at humboldt1.com

 What follows is a list of  fine suppliers of herbs used in gruits
that are in the states.  When looking about for herbs look out for
valerian, elecampane, lemon balm, wood sage, sloes, nettles & comfrey.
All of these things make for great ales!  All though i have yet to post
recipes using some of these herbs plenty of  recipes are around so give
it a shot.  Be sure to keep in mind that you have to use a hop surrogate

for almost all ales.  Don't just assume that what ever herb a recipe
calls for all ready has something that serves the purpose of  hops.

alecost/ground ivy & carduus
Andy Yen <info at chineseherbcenter.com>
Phone (415) 433-3277
Toll free (877) 322-6168
Fax (415) 433-9349
Phone (415) 433-3277
Toll free (877) 322-6168
Fax (415) 433-9349

Buck bean extract as well as plenty of other extracts that can be of use

to old fashioned  brewers:


various herbs:

   smart drugs/nootropics

Below is good source for source for all kinds of stuff like alehoof (
ground ivy).   They carry mainly bulk herbs at good prices and the
nicest folks
you could ever run into.

St. John's Botanicals
7711 Hillmead Rd.
Bowie, MD.

 It gives me great pleasure to announce that i have discovered a
source for dried bog bean in the United States.   Although bog bean is
much more expensive then Alehoof , which along with yarrow are the most
common gruit anti septics in the British isles, it is an excellent
bittering and anti septic agent.  It is also by far the most common
gruit ingredient of it's type in German and Nordic ales. Anyway, if you
want it call Blessed Herbs - at: 800-489-4372.

Ledum latifolium (Labrador Tea) which is a close
enough relative of Marsh Rosemary (Ledum palestre):

Below is good source for birch, ground ivy, juniper, yarrow and all
kinds of stuff


    Hopefully this will help you out

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