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> PBLoomis wrote:
>  "    I would give them one which has had a non-Period 60-minute 
>  post-mash boil.  The only drinkable unhopped ale I've made to date
>  included that step."
>  What gives you the idea that a pot mash boil was not performed before 
> It seems like there is plenty of evidence to the contrary.  Unfortunately I 
> do not have any references here at work.  Can anyone provide evidence one 
> or the other?
>  It seemed William Harrison's wife boiled the wort in 1577.   Also, "A New 
> Art of Brewing Beer, Ale" presents the concept of preparing Beer without 
> doing a promash boil as a new method with no refrence to no-boil being a 
> historic practice.
    I'm not sure what you mean by 'pot mash boil' or by 'promash boil', 
but what I said was 'post-mash boil'.  The cost of fuel dictates against
a post-mash boil unless there is a good reason for it.  Harrison's wife
was using hops, which is a *very* good reason for such a boil.  Some
other gruits may require a boil to extract them properly, but I'm not 
aware of any.  I could be wrong.
    Comments, anyone?

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