hist-brewing: 10-13th cent ale class

Eric A. Rhude ateno at panix.com
Thu Nov 30 09:31:45 PST 2000

Honestly what I am trying to do is give the 
people taking the class an idea of stale ale vs
new ale.

I have made several ales with this procedure and
the have all been drinkable but a little different 
from other historic beers that were post boiled.

I am basing most of my class off the statements
in "Ale, Beer, and Brewsters in England" by the well
known (here at least) Judith Bennett.  

Where she stated (I an pulling this from memory dont
have the book at work).  that most of the 
ales were 7 lbs to a gallon of ale.  

Which I hope were the first runnings.

I bought a 55 lb bag of English 2 row malt and 
made the first batch last night.

7 lbs cracked, 1.7 Gallons of boiling water ladeded
on in 4 oz steps and 1.5 hours covered.

I had to sparge with less than half a gallon of
hot water to get a full gallon of wort.

I will use ~>2 gallons of boiling water tommorow night
to up the first runnings to a gallon with no sparge.

Anything else?

Eric Rhude

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