hist-brewing: 10-13th cent ale class

Thu Nov 30 07:20:00 PST 2000

PBLoomis wrote:
"    I would give them one which has had a non-Period 60-minute 
post-mash boil.  The only drinkable unhopped ale I've made to date
included that step."

What gives you the idea that a pot mash boil was not performed before 1600.  It seems like there is plenty of evidence to the contrary.  Unfortunatley I do not have any references here at work.  Can anyone provide evidence one way or the other?

It seemed William Harrison's wife boiled the wort in 1577.   Also, "A New Art of Brewing Beer, Ale" presents the concept of preparing Beer without doing a promash boil as a new method with no refrence to no-boil being a historic practice.


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