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>>    I am not sure that your malt production techniques are on spot.
>> My
>> friend Finnboggi's various homemade brown malts provide excellent
>> yields, typically 48% with no sparge
> I have only been scimming this thread, so I may have missed something,
> but
> 48% is terrible! I get ~70-75% at home, and 83% at work, using modern
> malts.
> Owen

You most definitely have missed the point.  Getting 48% extraction with
a no sparge mash and old fashioned malts is actually rather good.  More
often then  not, something around  38-42% is more the norm. Even with
modern malts a no sparge mash will be much less efficient then when one
goes with modern methods. Of course if you go with a complicated and
very time consuming period mash schedule you can do about 8-14% or so
better.  I would strongly suggest that you check out the no sparge
information at www.promash.com to get you a feel for what is involved
with no sparge mashing.  As for modern mashing techniques i can
typically get 80-92% depending upon the mash schedule i use and how much
time i want to take for my sparge, mash out etc.
    When one goes with old fashioned malts and methods it is quite
common to remash the grist two or three times making lower gravity vort
with each succession. I usually make three ales from one grist bill.

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