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> John Harrison recreated a recipe that used a 
>  combination of 15# pale, 20# crystal, and 
>  10# brown malt for a total of 45# grain for a 10 gallon size.  The grist 
>  chosen to reproduce the old beer character, taste, and color required in a 
>  form that uses modern grains.  I mashed all of these grains and only 
>  to get an OG of 1.090 for a 10 gallon brew.  I typically would get at 
least an 
>  OG of 1.125 for a similar amount of pale malt when I mash my Barley Wines.
>  I assume the low yields were caused by weak conversions of the brown malt.
    I'm curious as to why Harrison (?) used that horrendous amount of crystal.
>From what I know of crystal, it's intended only as an adjunct.  IIRC, the 
kilning process results in large amounts of non-fermentable sugars and almost
no amylases.  That alone might account for your low yields.
    Might I suggest 30# of pale, 5# of crystal, and 10# of brown?
    Me, I don't use crystal malt at all, because it is made by a technology
that is flagrantly non-period.  
    Let us know what else you're doing, your experiments are always 

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