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>  hist-brewing-digest      Monday, 20 November 19100     Volume 01 : Number
.  Oh, i should point out that the folks that i know
>  who have made this ale recommend the addition of  an ounce of Linseed
>  during the last 15 minutes of the boil although i have not used the herb
>  and i can't give any advice as to it's qualities.  Perhaps someone in
>  the readership, can offer some insight on Linseed?

Linseed (also known as flax seed, unless I'm profoundly mistaken) will
thicken the ale, giving a much heavier body. It's used as a cleanser/tonic
by itself, the usual preparation being to steep it for about 10-15 minutes
in hot water, hot being defined as tea-brewing range. You get a slightly
astringent, gelatious beverage, hwich is supposedly quite good for the GI
tract. I've never heard of it being used for beer or ale. On consideration,
it *would* provide greater body with no other effect on flavor, espewcially
if the brew is wood conditioned. The light astringency of the seed would
simply be subsumed in the greater astringency of the wood tannins.

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