hist-brewing: Heather

Spencer W. Thomas spencer at umich.edu
Mon Oct 30 08:33:21 PST 2000

I don't find a reference in the taxonomic literature that i have
consulted (see below) to Erica vulgaris. True scottish heather is
Calluna vulgaris. The genus Erica encompasses the "heaths." It is not
unlikely, however, that at some earlier time heather was considered
part of the genus Erica, and that this name has persisted in some
uses. References consulted were:

NCBI taxonomy browser:
Encyclopedia Brittanica online: www.eb.com (you need to log in,
The Heather Society web page:


adam larsen wrote:

>   The difference is that LD Carlson sells Calluna vulgaris and they
> sell just the tips which is the only part of the flower that is
> useful.   ...
> Juleigha wrote:
>> I contacted wldweeds at humboldt1.com regarding heather as someone
>> had
>> suggested, this was the reply I received:
>> Heather flower whole, Erica vulgaris ...

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