hist-brewing: Sweet gale?

Kel Rekuta krekuta at attcanada.ca
Sun Oct 29 16:59:06 PST 2000

"Abby, Ellen and Alan" wrote:

> I am following with interest the gruit discussion but noted last night
> in Al Korzonas's book Homebrewing vol. 1 on page 216 there is a footnote
> that reads:
> "sweet gale and wormwood are mentioned in the sidebar on gruit and are
> available to homebrewers but should be avoided because they are
> dangerous."

Clearly Al Korzona's work has a flaw. There is no clear evidence that sweet gale
is dangerous in brewing concentrations useful for bittering. Al is an
experienced and respected home brewer frequently contributing to brewing
discussions at rec.crafts.brewing. Not everyone agrees with him there, nor must
it be so here in this forum. He is entitled to his opinions and likely has good
reasons for presenting them.

I do not agree with him on this topic.



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