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Wed Oct 25 21:18:00 PDT 2000

    If my memory serves me well LD Carlson charges 2 dollars per two
ounce pack which comes  to sixteen per pound.  The difference is that LD
Carlson sells Calluna vulgaris and they sell just the tips which is the
only part of the flower that is useful.  I think that some clarification
is needed as to weather Nancy at Wild Weed is selling the whole flower
cut and sifted as most herbs are sold or just the tips.  Also, i don't
know if the two different species are qualitatively the same.  These
matters should be clarified before one makes any definitive conclusion.
    I have used LD Carlson's heather tips with great success for half a
dozen batches so i can vouch for them in this instance.  The other gruit
herbs (ex. sweet gale, marsh rosemary, gentian, mugwort etc.) Wild Herbs
provides excellent quality at extremely good prices.  The difference in
the cost of  the Myrica Gale provided by Carlson and Wild Weeds is
simply dramatic with the product being identical so i will go with the
later for a great many gruit herbs.

Juleigha wrote:

> I contacted wldweeds at humboldt1.com regarding heather as someone had
> suggested, this was the reply I received:
> Heather flower whole, Erica vulgaris $15.00 per pound. I do not have
> this in
> stock and would have to order and sell the whole pound.  If, however,
> enough
> people want this particular herb, I would be willing to stock it for
> the
> Ale-makers. Please let me know if this is the one you want. (You are
> the 2nd
> person to ask for it in as many days - a few more and I'll stock it,
> if it's
> the one you want).
> Nancy
> Does this sound like a good price or is it high?  If it is a good
> price and
> you are interested in having her stock it, please let her know.
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