hist-brewing: Heather

Juleigha Juleigha at lvcm.com
Wed Oct 25 16:52:33 PDT 2000

I contacted wldweeds at humboldt1.com regarding heather as someone had
suggested, this was the reply I received:

Heather flower whole, Erica vulgaris $15.00 per pound. I do not have this in
stock and would have to order and sell the whole pound.  If, however, enough
people want this particular herb, I would be willing to stock it for the
Ale-makers. Please let me know if this is the one you want. (You are the 2nd
person to ask for it in as many days - a few more and I'll stock it, if it's
the one you want).

Does this sound like a good price or is it high?  If it is a good price and
you are interested in having her stock it, please let her know.

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