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>  Besides, considering the rush
>  on the part of hop producers to make ever higher alpha verities for
>  economic reasons I would not be surpassed if within the next 10 years if
>  many of the hop types beloved of home brewers disappear from the
>  market.  Even worse is that some of the new hop types don't even have
>  particularly good flavoring or aroma elements. Considering the minuscule
>  percentage of the hop market taken by home brewers combined with the
>  relentless progression of the economies of scale this seems a reasonable
>  scenario.
    That's scary.  We may all have to join the Heritage Seed Cooperative 
(I may have the name wrong), which seeks to preserve domesticated 
plants that would otherwise become extinct because they don't fit the 
requirements of agribusiness.

    Knowledge is never wasted, nor is the time to acquire it.

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