hist-brewing: herbal hop replacement

Joe Knapp jmk at copperas.com
Tue Oct 24 16:04:40 PDT 2000

>Pennyroyal was frequently
>used in the past as a method of inducing an abortion but more often
>than not it induced death.

Isn't it the case that this was in the case of large doses of the essential

I would note that alcohol itself will kill in not very large quantities, and
believe alcohol also has been shown to cause brain damage?

Just to try to put it in perspective.

Along those lines (of perspective), take the case of sassafras root, used
for centuries by Native Americans and colonists (root beer, etc.). It was
banned in the 1960s by the FDA as carcinogenic. Root beer today is made with
artificial flavorings. But Peterson's Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and
Herbs states: "...the safrole in a 12 ounce can of old-fashioned root beer
is not as carcinogenic as the alcohol (ethanol) in a can of beer."


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