hist-brewing: Renfrow on gruit ales

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I am neither a toxicologist or a herbalist but I assure you pennyroyal gets
its fair share of bad press. Pennyroyal is a charming little mint that can,
in concentrated form, induce miscarriages. Like most abortifcents, it works
by being slightly more toxic to a fetus than to a grown woman.

I use it, I'll even nibble leaves right off the plant when I'm working in
the garden (I eat the basil, too), but I don't use lots of it at once in any
dish or brew.

Crystal A. Isaac
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> >     Cindy Renfrow is on target about Wormwood and the virtue precaution
> >  in general with respect t
> True Absinthe is again available in Europe. The maladies attributed to
> indulgence in absinthe are amazingly similer to acute alcoholism, and the
> thujone content of wormwood is lower than that of the herb sage (it is
> soluble in alcohol, but that does not neccesarily equate to significantly
> higher pickup n the body).

I am not familiar enough with pharmacology to comment on the aforementioned
information so i would recommend a better safe then sorry approach.

> There are many herbs that have not gotten the bad
> press that wormwood has, that are far worse (pennyroyal, to name one).

I am glad for the hint as i have seen pennyroyal in plenty of recipes and i
wondering if i should make one.  Again, caution is the operative word so i
better find out more about it.  Anyone on the list toxicologist or

> Owen

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