hist-brewing: Sweet gale?

Abby, Ellen and Alan elal at pei.sympatico.ca
Sun Oct 22 07:51:11 PDT 2000

I am following with interest the gruit discussion but noted last night
in Al Korzonas's book Homebrewing vol. 1 on page 216 there is a footnote
that reads:

"sweet gale and wormwood are mentioned in the sidebar on gruit and are
available to homebrewers but should be avoided because they are

[The sidebar reference is to an article by J. Busch.  "Man does not live
by hops alone..."]

In the Peterson Guide "Edible Wildplants" at page 206 sweetgale [Myrica
gale] is discussed without reference to any dangerous side effects.  It
is referenced as a tea.

Any concerns?

Alan McLeod in PEI

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