hist-brewing: guit odds & sods

adam larsen euphonic at flash.net
Tue Oct 17 21:01:28 PDT 2000

    It gives me great pleasure to announce that i have located stateside
supplier of Marsh Rosemary and Myrica Gale (sweet gale) with very
reasonable prices! Those interested should contact  Contact Nancy
Kaytis-Slocum via email at:  wldweeds at humboldt1.com or
info at wildweeds.com.  If you do purchase these brewing related herbs from
her be sure to thank her for providing them to historically interested

    On a different note, i have noticed that a great number of  brewers
hold to the misconception that their was a set and defined base for
gruits.  This is simply untrue, their appears to have been a vast
variety of gruits, a great number which lacked Yarrow, Sweet Gale and
Marsh Rosemary all together.
    Instead, it appears to me that gruits were determined by what was
available locally and preferred by regional folkways and preferences
which changed over time.  Of course trade centers had access to a wider
variety then isolated communities but one should not think that some
formula for gruit composition met with wide spread acceptance.

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