hist-brewing: Sahti and Gottland Drinka - smoking and yeasts

adam larsen euphonic at flash.net
Tue Oct 17 16:02:26 PDT 2000

I regret that my knowledge of botany and forestry are rather poor and as
a result i am unable to say what kind of Baltic Birch is best.  I know
that it not used for paper but for furniture and similar crafts although
i don't know if it matters a great deal insofar as smoking malts go
whereas wood selection is more important when choosing wood for strike
water or to be boiled with one's wort.
    I am unfamiliar with either of the yeasts mentioned in the last
posting on this subject but off hand the Belgian one sounds better.  I
understand that some folks on the list have made a fine drincka using
Wyeast's Danish Ale culture (not the lager) so perhaps that is the way
to go.
    I recently have been looking into filer medium for use in high
adjunct ales and i was wondering if anyone knows about using hay or
straw.  I also have heard about the use of  spent malt, stored frozen
till needed, and wonder if anyone has given this method a try.

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