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Paul Placeway pwptofi at bellatlantic.net
Tue Oct 17 07:18:47 PDT 2000

On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, adam larsen <euphonic at flash.net> wrote:
> > Subject: Re: hist-brewing: Smoked Malt for Sahti
> >    In any case, i was wondering what kind of Sahti are you making? A 
> modern hopped Sahti, "live", strong or old
>  > fashioned?  No matter what kind you make don't use bakers yeast as 
> you'll regret it.

I'd just like to add a strong "me too" to this advice against bakers 
yeast.  I've done some experimentation recreating seriously old (14th C.) 
unhoped, and I claim also unboiled, ales.  As part of an experiment to try 
to increase yeast diversity, I made the mistake of adding baking yeast to 
the yeast mix.  The resulting ale had a distinct industrial solvent taste 
-- yuck.
For the next batch I stuck to only a mix of ale yeasts, and the ale came 
out wonderful.  (Well, for the first 4 days, before it started to sour, as 
an unboiled mash is going to do.)

                 --Paul Placeway <pwptofi at bellatlantic.net>
                  (in the SCA, Tofi)

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