hist-brewing: Heather ale body (was: Re:Kingdoms!?!?)

Mark Poliner allotta at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 13 20:40:55 PDT 2000

I usgest using a Scottish ale recipe.  OG 1.080.  Rich & malty.  Use other
malts for color & flavor. I suggest 1/2# Scottish caramel, 1/2# Gambrinus
ESB or Brown malt, 1/4# chocolate.  Use 8# light DME.  No hops.  1/2#
heather tips and nice scotish ale yeast.

This worked wonders for me.

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About the heater ale....
darker malt will add more color, not body.  When you use dark malts you'll
lower the pH of the mash so a buffering with CaCO3 or NaHCO3 is needed if
you want a fuller body, a higher pH in the final brew is often percieved as
'more body'.

What recipe did you use ?  (I don't have the original post anymore)  Did you
measure the original gravity ?  what is the current gravity ? A brew with
low FG (below 1.008) feels thinner IMHO.



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