hist-brewing: Kingdoms!?!?

Abby, Ellen and Alan elal at pei.sympatico.ca
Thu Oct 12 13:27:39 PDT 2000

Is this all the Society for Constructive Anachronism we are talking
about here?    Living in Prince Edward Island Canada I do not have
access to nor likely need for this goodly organization as the fine old
days of the barbarians being "the folks over that hill there" still

I am interested however in a brief description of the nexus between
brewing and SCA activities as I am but one of a small group of "Crows"
here who are neither SCA-ers, wicans or otherwise but merely a group of
brewers and brew-lovers who are so dubbed as a result of sporting
injuries {ie too many soccer headers) in the early '80's.   Early
brewing would be of great interest to us to as we inadvertantly recreate
the Great Hall scene from Beowulf when ever we get together for a drink.

Also we need a name for our Brew clubs and are well pleased that, being
Crows, we can use the adjective Murderous for our gathering habits.

Alan McLeod
Yes - a new guy
New Glasgow
Prince Edward Island

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