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Ralph Barker SquireAle at zianet.com
Wed Oct 11 13:10:16 PDT 2000

> Matthew:
>    I have been brewing since 1990. I am in my fairly modest opinion, a
> pretty good brewer. I also have been to the American Brewers Guild to learn
> my craft/hobby.
>   I also owned a brewing shop for three years. In all fairness to Al
> Korzonas and all the others who have written "How to Brew" books. You will
> never find a complete, "I agree with everything they say" book. That having
> been said, the book "Hombrewing Vol I" by Al Korzonas is in my opinion the
> best overall beginning to intermediate book out there. Unlike some other
> authors (such as legend in his own mind Papazian), Al's material is up to
> date (sold with erratas) and very well researched. It also has a TON of
> questions/trouble shooting tips and answers. I used to include it in the
> deluxe brewing kits I sold.
>   One thing to remember when considering books. Use them as a general
> reference, but NOT AS GOSPEL. Take advice from different ones, and
> experiment. But if you want a good overall book to use as a reference, it
> would be hard to do better than "Homebrewing Vol I".
>   I also must agree with Als opinion of Storey books. Be very careful in
> what you read or buy from them. If you are looking for books on brewing I
> would suggest the following:
>      "Homebrewing Vol I" by Al Korzonas
>      "The Brewers Companion" by Randy Mosher
> For Wine Making try "First Steps in Winemaking" I can't remember off hand
> who wrote it. But it is an excellent overall book.
> Ralph Barker
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