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>  From: "Marty Twombly" <Twombly_marty at hotmail.com>
>  Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 19:08:51 -0700
>  Subject: hist-brewing: soda
>  greetings to one and all
>  got a question for you  would sodas be allowed to compete in a&s comp?  =
>  i know that cream soda is made from honey and vanilla that has been =
>  carbinated so basiclly a n/a vanilla mead w/ bubbles. this was asked of =
>  me by a local barroness(sp) and i got to know
>  Tannim McLlyr=20
>  (atleast untill i find one that will pass)
>  www.tarnajasmine.homestead.com/TJ.html

To the best of my knowledge, sodas as we know them were not prepared in the
medeival period. If you have any evidence to the contrary, I'd love to see
it. Concerning vanilla, this New World product was not known in Europe
outside of Spain - and even that familiarity was scanty. Vanilla wasn't
propagated by Europeans until well into the 1600's. 
As far as your baroness is concerned, a *gift* of vanilla mead would
probably be a Good Thing (make sure you have sufficient residual 
sweetness!) to provide, but unless you can make a case for 1)documented
period use of vanilla in a beverage; and 2) carbonated sodas in general, I'd
suggest that this isn't appropriate for an SCA A&S competition. On the other
hand, I'm also the first Eastern Brewing Laurel, so of course i'd say that.

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