hist-brewing: soda

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Wed Oct 11 07:17:22 PDT 2000

> got a question for you  would sodas be allowed to compete in a&s comp?  =
> i know that cream soda is made from honey and vanilla that has been =
> carbinated so basiclly a n/a vanilla mead w/ bubbles. this was asked of =
> me by a local barroness(sp) and i got to know

Please keep in mind that this is the Historical Brewing List, not the
SCA Historical Brewing List. About half of the members aren't in the
SCA, most not knowing what the SCA even is.

The answer to your question is a local one, anyway: Ask your local SCA
folks. Rules are at most Kingdom-wide, and you didn't even state what
Kingdom you're in. My kingdom (Atlantia) has no overall guidelines, so
you'd have to look at the rules for the particular competition.

-- greg

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