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>I was looking through Storey Books book catalog and found a book on sweet
>and hard cider:
>"Cider: Making, Using and Enjoying Sweet and Hard Cider", by Annie Proulx &
>Lew Nichols, 224 pages. $14.95
>I contains info on equipment, cider varieties,apple types,growing your own
>orchard, making hard cider,vinegars, brandies and cider in cooking.
>For those of you who are not familiar with Storey Books, they sell some
>great how-to books including some great ones on brewing.

I am a competing publisher, so keep that in mind, but I've been brewing
beer since 1987, have owned a homebrew supply shop, have written a 552-page
book on homebrewing which has gotten critical acclaim and have achieved
the rank of Master in the Beer Judge Certification Program.

I *am* familiar with Storey Books and in my opinion, they sell some very
*bad* how-to books on brewing.  I have not seen the cider book, but the
only brewing books from Storey that I can recommend are those written
by Dave Miller.  All the rest are poorly written, poorly researched and
poorly edited.  Some are excellently illustrated (by Historical Brewing
subscriber Randy Mosher) which makes them *look* great but helps conceal
the fact that the brewing information contained in them is flawed.

Again... I'm a competing author/publisher, but my reason for warning you
about Storey is the same reason I wrote my book: to help people brew the
best beer they can.  I know some people on this list have my book and
some of those other books, so they can confirm or refute my claims.

There is a very good book on Cidermaking by Paul Correnty... I believe
it is published by Brewers Publications (www.aob.org).


Al Korzonas, Lockport, Illinois, USA
korz at brewinfo.org

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