hist-brewing: Silo fermentation

Linda Grant/Matthew Ransom spiritflight at kachina.net
Fri Oct 6 16:42:52 PDT 2000

I'd like to relate to you all a brewing technique that was told to me by a
farmer in New York. He and I were talking about the Springtime making the
farm animals, especially the cows, act weird. He said some of them like
drinking silage run off. It contains a lot of grain alcohol. He explained
that the grain and moisture create alcohol. Then he let me in on a secret.

He said he takes an empty and unglazed heavy earthenware jug (sometimes more
if he's feeling confident his wife won't find them) and sets it corked and
sealed with wax or pitch in the bottom of his large silo. He ties a nylon
rope to the jug and the wall of the silo to make it easier to find. Then he
fills the silo with grain. The moisture in the grain settles to the bottom
and ferments over about a year or so. The pressure at the bottom of the silo
pushes the fermented liquid through the porous walls of the jug thus
naturally filtering it. After at least a year and when the silo is empty, he
finds the rope and digs up the jug. He wasn't sure what the percentage of
alcohol was but said he and the cows got really smashed.

Anybody got access to a large silo and some earthen jugs *grin*?

Matthew Ransom
spiritflight at kachina.net

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