hist-brewing: Hard Cider Book

Linda Grant/Matthew Ransom spiritflight at kachina.net
Fri Oct 6 16:16:42 PDT 2000

I was looking through Storey Books book catalog and found a book on sweet
and hard cider:

"Cider: Making, Using and Enjoying Sweet and Hard Cider", by Annie Proulx &
Lew Nichols, 224 pages. $14.95

I contains info on equipment, cider varieties,apple types,growing your own
orchard, making hard cider,vinegars, brandies and cider in cooking.

For those of you who are not familiar with Storey Books, they sell some
great how-to books including some great ones on brewing.

http://www.gardenersmarketplace.com    is the link to them. Be sure to check
http://www.amazon.com  for reviews and a price comparison of these or any

Happy brewing!

Matthew Ransom
spiritflight at kachina.net

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