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Fri Oct 6 13:09:39 PDT 2000

In reference to Jack's Lobotomy Meade
    The prep for the pumpkin only needs a clean scraping of the inside of the 
pumpkin.  Most of this is sterile, take care not to touch the insides with 
your hands, even with careful washing.  I have not dipped the pumpkin in wax, 
it's a lot of work, and we ferment outdoors in NY.  Last time I let it go to 
completion, the pumpkin lasted 7 days and rotted out severely, lost a fair 
amount of product.
    For the top, I cut a beveled round cut with a wedge to act as a pour 
spout for later.  This gets placed on top and tapped into place lightly, and 
will seal out the air well enough.  Fermentation will get a nice CO2 layer to 
prevent bacteria overgrowth.  This year, I left some scrapings inside the 
pumpkin for better flavor, and it doesn't need more than 3-4 days anyhow.  
The citric acid levels go up so fast, that aging will take forever, and it 
won't lose it's lime flavor for 3-4 years (quite the surprise the first time 
I did it).
    For the must, I used 4 lbs honey in a total volume of 1 gallon (spec. 
grav. should be near 1.090) and any yeast on hand.  It will need the higher 
sugar content.  This years "Jack" was a 27 lb. pumpkin, and it held a total 
volume of 1.6 gallons.
    Have fun with this, and hope to hear more Jack's Lobotomy success stories 
- this batch we added hibiscus flowers so it will be blood red!     JB, for 
White Fox Prod.

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