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That sounds like a lot of fun!! Could you please post a little more detail. Do you cover to top with anything to keep air from getting in? Do you try and pasteurize the inside of the pumpkin to reduce the change of infection? Or do you go for la' natural and just let her rip? Roughly how much volume can you get in a large pumpkin and how much honey do you add to it? Like I said it sounds like fun and would like to get it right the first time.

Matt Maples
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>Being it pumpkin season,  We have enjoyed pumpkin meade.  You ferment it in a
>large pumpkin for 4 days (longer will rot the bottom, paraffin wax on bottom
>in case of leakage ) and them proceed to regular meade making.  It has an
>unique lime flavor. My husband calls it "Jack's Lobotomy Meade"    Enjoy!

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