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Sun Aug 27 10:27:22 PDT 2000

Scott writes:
>UV light will react with the bittering compounds in hops and covert some
>into 3-methyl crotyl mercaptan which is the same compound that in in the
>spray of a skunk.  This distinctive compound is detectable by most people in
>as small a quantity as a few parts per billion.

It doesn't happen *just* from UV light, although UV does skunk beer.  Light
from the blue-green range to UV will skunk beer.  Plain clear glass passes
very little UV, so it some light in the visible spectrum needs to be involved.

Miller gets away with clear bottles by using modified hop compounds in all
their beers except the one with the red label (and that comes in a brown
bottle... surprise!).


Al Korzonas, Lockport, Illinois, USA
korz at brewinfo.org

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