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Documentation for cordials is a bit difficult, as there was serious money to
be made from them.  The best sources I have found are medical texts, and
these are many, such as Boorde and Digby for later period.

Cordials are within the SCA period, Crystal.  Cordials are medicines.
Liqueurs are the medicines that taste good without the medicinal parts.
They were haute cuisine in the mid 1500's with Catherine de Medici
introducing them into Court.  

If you wish primary documentation, try the abbey of Fercamp, making
Benedictine, or the House of Bols, which make Danzige Goldwasser, both still
in production from the 1500's, just to name two.

Try "The London Distiller of a treasise of the Choisest Spagiricall
Performed by way of Distillation...", John French 1542(?).  This little
gem goes into all ingredients used by the "modern" distiller of medicine
and potables, including comments on beer.  We found it because this book
details freeze distillaion.  Not for the timid, though.

"The Dyetary" by Andrewe Boorde (of "Physyche Doctour" fame) Published in
1542, reprinted in 1547.  Mostly a treatise of medicinal and dietary
properties of beverages, but he gives more than just medicine.


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I have recently gotten into making cordials and was wondering if someone
could point me towards the particulars about documenting cordials for A&S
competitions.  Also does any one have any recipes that they have tried and
had success with or alternately learned what not to put into a cordial if
you want it drinkable?  I appreciate any help that you can lend.

In Service,
Alex Soldner

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