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Jerry Harder mastergoodwine at alltel.net
Mon Aug 21 11:27:04 PDT 2000

Some of Digby's meads, called small mead, are low level alcohol,  probabley

Kirsty Pollock wrote:

> Yes, I had a similar problem with mead recipes from the 'net. I had never
> encountered a 'beer type' mead and was most disappointed to follow one
> recipe and get a weak fizzy brew. I'd never seen anything like that either
> commercially (normal malted beers that used some paprt honey aside) or that
> anybody had made at home (and still haven't apart from the one I did). The
> recipes in question all seem to be be US in source. Is it just my experience
> is limited or is it, as it seems to me, that in the UK 'mead' will virtually
> always mean a 'wine type' mead???
> Kirsty

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