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i had no wish to affend people on the list. true the book provides little to no information on peroid brewing. it does have a abundance of  information on herbs in brewing and what there attributes are if brewed with. i have made several of the recipes adn they had the desired effect it also opens new ave. for exploration into somthing other then ginger,juniper berries ext.
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      I have had the misfortune to go through the book mentioned below and simply can't recommend it for folks interested in making historical ales.  The author recommends the use of  a couple of  herbs that are dangerous and obviously has a poor understanding of the chemistry involved in  brewing and malting.  He writes not from the perspective of a antiquarian researcher but rather a new age herbalist.  Although i have not attempted to make any of his recipes several appear at first blush to be rather poorly conceived. 
      A fine writer belongs to this list named Cindy Renfrow who has written some of the finest material available on historical brewing.  Her web site is: www.thousandeggs.com.  Another good source for information is the archives of this list. 
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     > the book to look for is Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers by Stephen Harrod 
    > Buhner 
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    > > > i enjoy mead but not enouf to be stuck with 5 gall and my wife doesn't 
    > like 
    > > >  it at all.  we brew a lot of healing beers using herbs.  one of my 
    > favorite 
    > > >  is porter 
    > > 
    > > "Healing Beers"?  You've got to be kidding me, right?  If you've managed 
    > to 
    > > make a "beer" that can "heal", I will give you the Nobel Prize myself!!! 
    > I 
    > > knew that if I prayed hard and long enough, someone would tell me "beer is 
    > > really good for you". 
    > > 
    > > Balthazar of Blackmoor 
    > > (hands firmly clasped and raised to the heavens in awe and gratitude..." 
    > > 
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