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Tue Aug 15 19:09:22 PDT 2000

Adam Larson is on the money when he says that Stephen H. Buhner "writes not from the perspective of a (sic)antiquarian researcher..."  But then, I don't think that is what Buhner is trying to do.  The important thing about his work is the effect it has had on homebrewers and professionals alike, awakening new interest in brewing styles and ingredients that have been left behind by history or else ignored on account of cultural bias.  He has challenged us to acknowledge that there is a great big world of brewing out there beyond the Reinheitsgebot and that it's all there for us to explore using our imaginations and our innate sensitivities.  If you are looking for verbatim transcriptions of ancient recipes, you should look elsewhere; if you want to expand your notion of what beer is and what beer is for, this is definitely the book for you.

Tom Stevenson  
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