hist-brewing: Re: screwtop bottles

Sean Richens srichens at sprint.ca
Mon Aug 14 17:10:49 PDT 2000


Like I answer to nearly any brewing questions, It All Depends.  In this
case, it depends on geography.  If you're in the U.S., it's borderline.  If
in Canada, no problem, but it helps to use the extra-soft caps sold for the
purpose.  From what I remember of British screw-tops, they're bad, and have
heard from others that Australian bottles should not be used.

I worked with some other people over the web and we each weighed a 12-oz.
bottle and compared.  The weight of the glass correlated perfectly with the
accepted wisdom regarding screw-top bottles in each country.

Unlike others, I prefer to use the two-handled lever capper on these.  I
figure it applies the force in the most efficient direction, but these
cappers can scratch the necks of some bottles.

Do your first batch in pry-off bottles, and try one screw-top.  One beer and
one bottle isn't a big investment, just wear gloves & goggles.


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