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Tue Aug 15 15:17:00 PDT 2000

There are two great options for modern brewing info.

1) The Home Brew Digest (HBD), this is the classic, but has gotten a little to social latley in my opinion, www.hbd.org 

2)  The Brewery Brews and Views Board, www.brewery.org/wwwboard  This is a breat bulletine board, in my opinion the best source out there right now, also check out the brewery web page www.brewery.org for tuns of brewing info and links.  Check out the mead room for good mead links.

I cant help you much on Soda as far as links, but most homebrew shops carry the concentrates from Rainbow Flavorings in the yellow box with wood graphics.  They are easy to make and have good directions.  If you replace some of the sugar w/ honey in the root beers type ones they are even better.


>>> "Mike Jones" <mwjones at brightok.net> 08/15/00 11:03AM >>>
Hello Everyone,
    I would like find other lists that deal with brewing in general.  While I think this is a fine list and informative, I would like to find some contemporary info on home brewing.  I enjoy making beer, and wine but would also like to make mead and even gourmet soft drinks/sooda pop, such as root beers etc.  Any information you could share with me would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for you kind attention to my inquirey.
Mike Jones

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